As a planner and a human, I’m consistently curious. I ask a lot of questions (sometimes too many) in a quest to dive deep and find out more. I believe that there’s a great understanding of the world that comes from delving into people’s accomplishments, failures and in understanding what drives them to keep moving forward.

As my friend Aristotle put it:

“…I think what inspires me is freedom, creative freedom, financial freedom, mental freedom…”

Inspiration is an inner flame that is consistently being fueled by our pasts, our friends, our dreams and goals, a film, an amazing meal or even a conversation with a loved one. Most often it is inspiration that helps move our inner self-purpose forward!

At Spike DDB we’re all fortunate enough to surround ourselves with a network of passionate individuals who inspire us. We brought these diverse people, who we think of as the New Americana, together to explore ideas and attitudes and to discover what motivates and stimulates them. 

We hope you are as inspired by the New Americana as we are!

– Russell Markus


A special thanks to everyone who kicked it with us in DUMBO and shared a bit of their passion and outlook. You can follow them on Instagram.

Arin Maya Lawrence // @arinmaya
Manolo Lopez // @MOFONGO_NY
Armando Cabral // @armando_cabral
Sue Tsai // @suetsai
Rob Calabrese // @ROBCALABRESE
Quincy Moore // @knowlita
Aristotle Torres // @AristotleBAM
Katarina Hybernova // @kamelka