Our country is at a transformational moment. Despite the words and actions of a stubborn few, we are moving steadily and unstoppably into the future, shaking free of old ways and ideas. Even with the bluster and mad gesticulations of the political and cultural conservatives, the growing New Americana movement grows brighter and stronger.

Members of the New Americana understand and support the idea of gender equality. However, the United States has a long way to go before it becomes a landmark of true equality for all. What can we do to generate a more gender equal environment?

In a previous blog post, we discussed focusing our efforts within the Feminist Movement and rallying behind two major themes: equal pay and eliminating violence against women.

Why these two issues? Of all the topics brought forth by modern-day feminists, these objectives seem to be the most easily relatable and attainable. Being paid equally for the work one does, no matter what gender along with violence because of ones sex, creed or color have no place in the 21st century. By focusing our efforts on overcoming these two issues, we will create a domino effect of change within society:


*Although reproductive rights has been a hot topic these days, we have seen that trying to tackle issues that go against many Americans’ religious beliefs is no small task. It has become clear that we must first focus on other issues before women will be granted the sexual and reproductive rights that they deserve.

As members of the New Americana, we have the opportunity to make a significant impact on legislature and the way our society views a full 50% of our population.

We are the New Americana because we are empathetic, we are bold, we are doers. We influence and evolve the mainstream. Let’s use our influence to push for the human rights of all genders equally.

By Karol Chang, Strategist