By Russell Markus, Strategic Planning Director

It is something I honestly don’t think about enough. PURPOSE. At least I don’t think I do. And no, not the Justin Bieber album. Sorry, Bieb!

Is PURPOSE the end result? Is it something that is manifested in our every living moment? The definition is simple, yet open for so much interpretation:

pur·pose               //             noun
the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

It is the why of everything you hopefully work on and work towards. It is something that is not always easy to uncover! In his 2013 TED Talk, Adam Leipzip tries to help you uncover your PURPOSE in 5 minutes.

Ask yourself:

Who are you?
What do you love to do?
Who do you do it for?
What do those people want or need?
How do they change or transform as a result?


We sat down with members of the New Americana, and it wasn’t as simple as 5 quick minutes. Two camps formed around PURPOSE. One was around their lasting impact of this world. The helping of others. True honorable endeavors.


On the other hand, many individuals were still searching for their purpose. Their inspiration to do and create, was vehicle to finding purpose. At Spike DDB we ask our clients and I’ll ask you the same question around PURPOSE: What steps are you taking to help to change the world?

A special thanks to everyone who kicked it with us in DUMBO and shared a bit of their passion and outlook. You can follow them on Instagram.

Arin Maya Lawrence // @arinmaya
Manolo Lopez // @MOFONGO_NY
Armando Cabral // @armando_cabral
Sue Tsai // @suetsai
Rob Calabrese // @ROBCALABRESE
Quincy Moore // @knowlita
Aristotle Torres // @AristotleBAM
Katarina Hybernova // @kamelka

tltr: My personal PURPOSE based on Adam Leipzip’s approach is below:

My name is Russell Kalman Markus! I love to create! I do it for as many people possible, but especially for those close to me seeking clarity! This hopefully gives them a new perspective on life!

ttltr: Recently we released Brooklyn Made, a documentary which delves into the culture, appeal, artistry, diversity and grit that the borough’s brands represent. We learned very early on in our interviews that a strong PURPOSE was foundational to most of their inceptions and success.

As Steve Hindy Brooklyn Brewery discussed:

“Brooklyn was a major brewing center in the late eighteen hundreds—there were 45 breweries. And when we started Brooklyn Brewery we wanted to connect with that tradition so our first beer, Brooklyn Lager, was based on the beers that were brewed back in the heyday”.